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Homemade Granola

   Today I share with you my recipe for homemade granola.  You will need: (for 1 big jar of granola) 400g oats 100g coconut flakes 50g chia seeds 50g couscous 50g rate cacau powder 100ml honey 50ml maple syrup 100ml Water How to: Mix all the dry ingredients. Mix the honey, maple syrup and water…… Continue reading Homemade Granola


What’s going on…

As you may noticed: there was no post last sunday. The reason for that is that I’m very busy with school at the moment. There was no time to think and write the past two weeks. I’am sorry! But next week I am flying to Barcelona, where I will take some pictures for you. After…… Continue reading What’s going on…

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How to make iced coffee 

Hi, This is going to be my first blogpost in English. There are a few people who want to read my blog but they don’t speak German so I am going to write some post’s in German, some in English and some in both languages. Please excuse any mistakes!  So let’s go: How to make…… Continue reading How to make iced coffee 

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  Letzte Woche habe ich in einer alten Living at Home (5/11) das Rezept für den einfachsten Kuchen der Welt entdeckt und das musste natürlich sofort ausprobiert werden. Das Rezept wird in Joghurtbechern á 150g gemessen. Im Rezept wurden Rhabarber und Himbeeren genutzt, aber ich habe Rhabarber, Erdbeeren, Heidelbeeren und Marshmallows draufgetan. Hier das Originalrezept: 450g Rhabarber…… Continue reading “Sommerkuchen”